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Mystarcinematv.com website offer free services where by users can 1. Upload videos, photos, music 2. Blog, post articles and discussion 3. Advertisers can advertise their business 4. Be a free of paid member Share them with the masses of the internet with mystarcinematv.com Mystarcinematv.com places restrictions on the file size, duration, subject matter and the format of the file. Mystarcinematv.com doesn’t allow inappropriate content. Content will be screened or it you feel that there is in appropriate content email support @ (mystarcinematv@gamil.com). Members should not use pictures, videos, from other social network or websites, members should own all material that they upload. Mystarcinematv.com is a social network, which gives members the ability to network Across the world wide web. Your experience on the website will help you network, promote and give your work a Quality of work men ship.